About the author

Greg Ball has been writing software much longer than he has been writing this blog.  He has spent way too much time coding in Java, and now spends his time knocking out applications with Groovy/Grails.  He’s been a developer, manager, consultant, architect, and entrepreneur.

He now lives in Lincoln Square on the north side of Chicago with his wife, dog, and too many guitars.


One response to “About the author

  1. We’re just launched How I Work (http://how-i-work.com), a free web site to help developers find tools to increase their productivity. The thing that’s different about How I Work is that it’s screencast based because we think that figuring out if a tool will work for you is much easier if you can see it in action and understand the workflow. How I Work also has tags, voting, view tracking, and a full commenting system to help developers quickly locate the best of the tools relevant to the kind of work they do.

    As part of the launch, we’re trying to line up a small number of people / companies who we think will be interesting to developers and will build excitement about the site. These featured partners will get special billing on the home page.

    We were thinking that a short screencast by you talking about grails plugins would be of interest to people. If you’re willing, all that’s required is that you create a page on How I Work with a one paragraph description and a link to a short screencast (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo) that gives a demo of how Grails works with the plugins you like .

    Hopefully having you and your screencast on How I Work will lead to developers discovering and trying out Grails who weren’t explicitly looking for it.

    We’ve lined up some cool launch partners (e.g. Ryan Singer @ 37signals, Dan Siroker from Optimizely) and are getting decent traffic (over 900 people and 1300 workbenches viewed on the first day). Maybe the additional exposure could generate some leads for you if you’re looking for that kind of work?

    If you’re interested, email me and we’ll coordinate when to feature you in the launch schedule. We launched on 12/15 and we’re going to be rotating through featured partners over the next few weeks, so we can work with you on timing so you aren’t rushed creating the screencast.


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