7 Grails plugins to jump start your application

I went to the Chicago Groovy Users Group tonight, and there was some discussion around what Grails plugins were most useful.

Here’s my short list of plugins I can’t live without, in order of importance.  I currently have around 10 or 15 installed in my current production applications, but the ones below I think are bedrock for any productive application.

  1. Quartz.  Job scheduling, fully integrated into your Grails stack.
  2. Liquibase.  Manage your database changes thru multiple environments without the drama of wondering “did we capture all the database changes from this last iteration?”
  3. Mail.  Send email, of course, with templates made from GSP-Grails-goodness.
  4. Greenmail.  Test sending emails without really sending them, great for quick feedback on mail templates.
  5. Acegi now Spring Security. Secure your application using whatever configuration suits the situation; single sign-on, database driven, role-based, ACL-based, whatever.
  6. Fixtures.  Knock up some good looking test data via this plugin; have multiple data sets for your environments (integration, development, etc).
  7. UI performance.  This plugin serves as a reminder to follow some pretty standard user interface performance tips; sprites, minify CSS and JS, and compression.  I used this plugin to get from an “F” to a “B” using YSlow!, and for a non-UI guy like me, that’s pretty good.

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